Why to play it safe as life goes back to “normal”

March 30, 2021

As COVID restrictions lessen and vaccines become more accessible, life is slowly feeling more “normal.” It’s important to remember to play it safe — in terms of COVID-19 and sex.

Restaurants and businesses are beginning to open up, and after a year of being isolated and social distancing, people of all ages might be acting more impulsively for the next several months. We know there’s a lot of pent up energy! But when it comes to risky behavior, it’s better to be ready than regretful. 

Using Fact Not Fiction and the internet is good when you have a question about sex or sexual health, but doing it after the fact won’t help you. 

Fact Not Fiction is here to tell you: slow down, get the info, and then decide.

Being informed ahead of time will lead to better decisions in the future. 

Many young people typically search for answers after something has already happened, especially for things that are sex related, and there’s nothing you can do except hope for the best. Fact Not Fiction is trying to flip that switch and give you the information you need to stop yourself from making poor decisions. 

If you are given information about sex and health as you grow up, you can be better informed to make healthier and safer decisions in the future, instead of just searching for a solution after the deed has already been done. 

Tips for getting back on the market

For those who are looking to date, we’ve rounded up some advice for how to start dating, while also being mindful of COVID.

  • Before seeing them in-person, ask if they have been in close contact recently with anyone who has tested positive or experienced symptoms of COVID
  • Ask if they have been gotten a COVID vaccine
  • Dine out at a restaurant with outdoor seating 
  • Get creative with date ideas: plan a picnic, order takeout from a restaurant and take it to a park
  • If you do plan to have sex, have as few partners as possible and pick partners you trust. Talk about COVID-19 risk factors, just as you would discuss STDs, condoms, and other safer sex topics.


Before you head back into the real world, you should be prepared with all of the resources you need so that you can have factual information at the tip of your fingers whenever you need. 

And although restrictions might be easing, remember to play it safe and take necessary precautions against COVID-19.

Why to play it safe as life goes back to “normal” - Fact Not Fiction