The Benefits of (and Reasons to Celebrate) BC

November 14, 2022

This week, people across the country are sharing the reasons why they love birth control in celebration of Thanks, Birth Control Day. And although many women use birth control to prevent pregnancy, BC can also be used for other reasons. In this article, we’ll explore those reasons, and share resources you can use to learn more and start creating a plan that suits you. 


Helps You Achieve Your Goals

In this survey by Power to Decide, 67% of respondents said that BC helped people “work towards educational and professional goals”. For women managing the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, it can be difficult to predict when or if a period will stand in the way of important deadlines, events, or life plans. 

Hormonal birth control can help regulate menstrual cycles, and can even improve symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis. Knowing when your period is going to arrive, and knowing that it will be manageable when it does arrive, is empowering! Plus, it leaves you more time to relax, focus, and move closer to your goals. 


Controls Acne

Besider surveyed 1,000 young women aged 18 to 29 to see why they used BC, and nearly 20% of those women said they used it to prevent acne. Hormonal acne can be painful, inflamed, and overall not a great vibe. Breakouts are usually caused by hormone fluctuations that occur in the body. Birth control pills use a combination of estrogen and progesterone that prevent hormonal acne breakouts by keeping your hormones balanced. Pretty cool, right?


Reduces Your Risk of Cancer

So, in addition to having more manageable periods and acne-free skin, BC can help lower your risk for both uterine and ovarian cancer. Research cited from Healthline states “women who take combination birth control pills are 50 percent less likely to get uterine cancer,” and that this effect lasts for “up to 20 years” after you stop taking the pill.


Prevents Against STIs

Condoms are a common and easily accessible form of BC that help prevent against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). And they can be used in addition to hormonal birth control, because they don’t interfere with medication. Female condoms are an effective, single-use method for preventing STIs, and are commonly bought online or at local health centers. Some women prefer to use female condoms, because they give women more agency over their preventative health and can help them better plan for safe sex.  


Final Thoughts + Where to Learn More

Learning more about the benefits of BC can help you determine what you want out of your birth control. Remember, not all birth control methods may be right for you. And even though it may seem scary, it’s important to talk to your parents or a trusted guardian about your decision to start BC. Having their support can help make your journey a little easier. If you have questions about how to start the conversation, you can check out our Ask the Expert page

We’re dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need to start and continue your health journey–whether that’s finding a local clinic or learning more about safe sex. Because you shouldn’t be in the dark when it comes to staying safe. 

Check out the resources below to learn more! 



The Benefits of (and Reasons to Celebrate) BC - Fact Not Fiction