Sexual Health through Your Screen: Telehealth Clinics in Mississippi

August 17, 2020

It’s completely normal to feel nervous the first time you go to the OBGYN or when you need to ask your doctor questions about sexual health. With COVID-19, we’ve seen telehealth services expand across Mississippi. Telehealth means that a doctor will visit you via phone or video, and you’ll get the chance to discuss problems and ask questions from the privacy of your home instead of a doctor’s office. 

What kind of consultations can be done with telehealth?

With some appointments, a physical examination might be required from your doctor, but many appointments can be done over the phone. Telehealth appointments also give people the opportunity to ask questions and talk to their doctor from anywhere in the state. This can not only help to alleviate nerves when asking hard questions, but telehealth gives you the chance to see a provider in a place like Jackson, where you might find someone who better understands your needs. 

These might not be conversations you’re comfortable having with the same doctor in your town that has treated you since childhood or regularly checks in with your parents, so seeing a doctor through telehealth can alleviate some of that stress that can come with visiting a local and connected doctor.

Here are some examples of consultation that can be done without physical contact:

  • Medicine checks for most medication types
  • Discussion of birth control options: different types, side effects, benefits, etc
  • Review of abnormal lab results and imaging studies
  • Other health topics you want to discuss that may not require an exam 

What clinics provide telehealth services?

Here are just a few great clinics, located in Jackson and around Mississippi, that are currently offering telehealth services: 

Open Arms Healthcare Center

Open Arms Healthcare Center is the leading provider of primary and specialty sexual and reproductive minority population services in Central Mississippi. Providing quality, community-based preventative, primary, specialty, and behavioral health services, Open Arms increases access to under-served communities via four state-of-the-science service sites. With teams of expert clinical and social service providers, Open Arms strives to reduce health disparities among marginalized and underrepresented populations through service, science and solutions.

UMMC Telehealth Specialty Care

UMMC Telehealth offers expert specialty care for adults and children, remotely, through the internet, and they provide a wide array of services through telehealth, including Obstetrics/Gynecology. They serve over half of Mississippi’s 82 counties, and their locations include clinics, hospitals, schools, and businesses. Their services are secure and HIPAA compliant. Visit their website to find your UMMC telehealth provider. 

UMMC also has a TEAM Clinic that is sponsored by the UMMC Center for LGBTQ Health, providing health care for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning/queer community. Their mission is to provide high quality health care that improves the lives of LGBTQ individuals in our communities. They offer holistic, specialized services that promote the physical and mental well-being of LGBTQ individuals, like primary care, gender affirmative medicine, HIV/STD screening and treatment, and behavioral health services. Learn more about them at their website

Women’s Pavilion of Hattiesburg

Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi has served the women of the Hattiesburg area for over thirty years. They pride themselves on their professional, personal, and caring approach to each of their patients, and they are committed to bringing the latest technology and medical advancements into their practice to serve the Pine Belt’s needs. They work to provide patients with comprehensive medical care to help maintain and improve their health.

At Fact Not Fiction, we want everyone to have the right information, regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, or whether or not you’re sexually active. Whatever you do, with whomever, don’t do it in the dark. And ALWAYS make sure it’s done with consent.

Sexual Health through Your Screen: Telehealth Clinics in Mississippi - Fact Not Fiction