Your #HotGirlSummer Health Guide

May 29, 2024

While summer *technically* doesn’t start for another month, for teens summer break is the unofficial start of the season. As you prepare for beach days with bestie, road trips, and exciting new romances, don’t forget to take a page from this season’s health guide for a safe hot girl summer! 


Get Your Wellness Check Checked off the List

Before you travel across the country, make sure to travel across town to the doctor’s for your yearly wellness check. FNF makes it easy with their clinic finder, complete with a search function, to locate clinics near you! Wellness checks are so important, because they help screen for serious health conditions, like cancer or early-stage STI infections. Once you’re in the examination room, it takes less than an hour. 

New to the gyno? Check out this post by Courtney, a member of our Real Talk Team, on what to expect from your first visit. 


Lock In Your BC

If you don’t have a planned form of birth control, set up an appointment to talk through your options with a healthcare professional. You may also want to switch it up, like getting the implant (Nexplanon or Implanon) instead of the pill, if you’re going to be away from your doctor for months at a time. 

Remember that condoms are always great to have on hand, as they protect from unplanned pregnancies *and* STIs. Whatever method you choose, it should be one that works for you! 


“No” is a Full Sentence

You don’t have to have a summer fling, but if you do date this summer, remember that consent matters ALWAYS. Don’t feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do, and always have a plan to stay safe.


Skip the Google Search

Between travel locales and outfit inspo, you probably already have enough to Google this summer. Plus, Googling sex q’s can lead to unverifiable information, misinformation, and just more q’s. 

Keep Fact Not Fiction in mind if you have a sudden question about contraception, sex-ed, or relationships. Our projects are in partnership with the Mississippi State Department of Health (so, it’s legit) and we partner with nurses at the University of Mississippi Medical Center to deliver the facts.


Where to Learn More

Bookmark these articles for some sex-ed summer reading. Possible folder titles include “The Sex (Ed) Files,” “Plan FNF”, and “#Facts”. 

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