Celebrate Yourself This Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2023

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel the love on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single and feel pressured to be in a relationship or have a partner and feel anxious about their expectations for the 14th, it’s important to remember that you, and your health, come first. 

Here are a few ways to center and celebrate yourself on V-Day, with tips on setting boundaries and resources for getting the facts.


Take a Break from the Feed

If displays of affection on social media make you feel stressed, anxious, or sad, take a break from the feed and do something you love instead. Indulge in some “me” time, pick up a new binge-worthy series on Netflix, invest in your hobbies, or start a new vision board. The possibilities are endless! 


Stay True to Your Boundaries

Feeling anxious, ashamed, or obligated to have sex with someone are signs that you’re not ready to be intimate. It’s okay to feel nervous about the topic, but don’t let the nerves prevent you from speaking your mind. 

Use language that centers your needs–like “I” statements–and leave time for your partner to respond thoughtfully to what you’ve shared with them. You may find that they’re grateful to you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Maybe they had similar anxieties about the day and are happy to talk through it with you. 

Remember: communication is a necessary and healthy part of every relationship–especially intimate ones. No matter how long you and your partner have been together, you will need to keep communicating your expectations, desires, and needs, as these are bound to change over time.

A partner that truly loves and respects you will be okay with your decisions when it comes to sex. If you and bae do decide to have sex on V-day, or any day, be sure to communicate ahead of time, and get the facts to stay safe


Practice Self-Care

Self-love is many things: including self-care. When deciding activities for V-day, show yourself some love by practicing stress awareness. Prioritize doing things that make you feel at ease and bring you the most happiness. 

You can also make time to see your provider for an annual checkup, birth control, or STI testing. Although it may not sound as fun as a day at the spa or a movie afternoon, taking time to see a doctor is one of the best ways to treat yourself well and put your health first. Click here to check out our clinic finder! 

Celebrate Yourself This Valentine’s Day - Fact Not Fiction