Your Back-to-School Guide for Medically Accurate Sex Ed

August 17, 2023

Classes may be starting this month, but at Fact Not Fiction, school’s always in session. Regardless of what your extracurriculars involve, sex is a popular topic that is often full of misinformation, especially if it’s coming from the school gossip mill. 


Googling certain terms and questions can also pull up inaccurate info, especially if you’re not sure what sources are credible. Save this guide for whenever you have a sex question, want to make a health plan, or need to share info with someone you know. 


Go-Tos from FNF


Clinic Finder


Developed with the Mississippi Department of Health, Fact Not Fiction’s online clinic finder is our No. 1 pick for getting medically-accurate info. At a local clinic, you can get sex info straight from the professionals, while also accessing free STD testing, birth control, and even annual check ups. For what to expect during an annual check up, and ideas on what questions to ask, check out this article by Summer, one of our teen Real Talk Team members! 


Title X clinics keep your appointment, including your records and billing, confidential and you can also access pregnancy testing without parental consent. If you’re looking to get birth control without a parent’s consent, check out this blog post


Debunked Sex Myths


Knowing the facts helps you make the best, most informed decision about your health. That’s why we have a dedicated page for debunking sex myths, ranging from period Qs to strange last-minute contraceptives, with facts provided by nurses from the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing. Click here to check it out!


Credible Sources + Tools


Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH)


The Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) is a great resource to use for medically accurate sex information. Since 1877, MSDH has been documenting and working to improve our state’s health–and their website is full of information on STD prevention, pregnancy prevention, and sexual health. We highly recommend saving their STD resource directory to your Favorites tab. 


Delta Health Center


Delta Health Center holds a monthly Teen Clinic, #ProjectRAD, on the third Wednesday of each month. It’s open to teens between the ages of 13 and 21, and offers a chance to participate in group educational sessions focused on preventing teen pregnancy, STDs, and HIV. You can also talk privately to one of the Center’s OB-GYNs. This can be very helpful if you’re nervous about talking to a doctor or are unsure of what questions to ask during an appointment. 


Power to Decide


Power to Decide is a nonprofit organization dedicated to lowering teen pregnancy rates across the country. Their website is full of useful and medically accurate info on sexual health, contraception, and pregnancy prevention. Their project, Teen Talk, is a great place to start if you’re looking for another informed perspective before making a decision. 




Listed below are some great articles to check out for back-to-school. Remember, whatever you do–don’t do it in the dark! 


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Your Back-to-School Guide for Medically Accurate Sex Ed - Fact Not Fiction