A Guide to Glow Up Your Health Knowledge

October 24, 2023

With the season of giving just around the corner, many teens are planning their #holidayglowup with makeup, manicures, and hair dye. And while these activities might make for a great before and after post, learning more about your body and your health can lead to a life-long glow up. 

At Fact Not Fiction, we’re all about leveling up health knowledge and building habits that help you live your best life. Read on for the latest!


Get Health Literate

While health literacy may sound complicated, it’s really just another form of self-care. Health literacy is all about knowing how your body functions so you can access care if you spot a red flag. And health literacy doesn’t just involve anatomy–it extends to other decisions people make about their health like birth control, mental health practices, diet, and other day-to-day lifestyle choices. Take a deep dive by checking out our guide on health literacy or reading through our list of debunked sex myths.


Add Self-Exams to Your Routine

Self-exams help you get more familiar with your body and help with cancer prevention. According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, 40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who felt a lump during a self-exam. When cancer is caught in its early stages, it’s much easier to treat, and assures a higher survivability rate than if caught in its later stages. 

And while the risk of certain cancers, like breast cancer, are low for teens and young adults, the risk increases as you age. Your older self will thank you for building the habit now. Most doctors recommend performing a self-exam once a month (don’t worry, they don’t take very long). Plus, it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to start!  

For more details on how to self-exam, check out this article


Find Your Nearest Clinic

Knowing where to access health services goes hand-in-hand with building healthier habits. At a local clinic, you can get sex info straight from the professionals, while also accessing free STD testing, birth control, and annual check ups. Our online clinic finder, developed with the Mississippi Department of Health, makes it easy to search by location or service. 


Where to Learn More

Listed below are some great articles to check out for more wellness tips. Remember, whatever you do–don’t do it in the dark! 

A Guide to Glow Up Your Health Knowledge - Fact Not Fiction